Online Store Front

Easily create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers with powerful technology

100+ Ready to use Theme

Highly detailed, handcrafted designs, suitable for every type of business, create unbeatable shopping experience in just a few clicks.

On The Fly Customization

Brand/Design your storefront the way you want, Logo, banners, designs, colour. Change it the way you want, on the fly, no coding skills required.

Bring Your Own Domain

Use your own “happily business” named domain names to your store; without doing any effort we’ll take care of rest of the setup.

Expert By Your Side

Work with our expert team, ready to guide you through every aspect of setting up your storefront to make your store setup process a delight.

Fully Responsive Mobile Ready

Your store comes ready with mobile ready design, meaning your customer can browse and buy from any device.

Sell Digital Products

Not to limit your reach by just selling physical goods, sell digital products like images, artwork, or any other digitally downloads.

Compelling Product Search

Delight your customers with results of instant and suggestive search for the product they are looking for.

Sell Globally with Multi-currency

Don’t restrict your growth by geographical boundaries. Sell in multiple currencies. Your store front is ready for it.

Backend Store

Your backend operations are as important and crucial as your store’s front end user experience.

A Complete End-to-End Platform

Set up automatic email alerts on crucial points like order placements, deliveries, keep your customer informed.

Customizable Email Templates

Send emails that clicks, to easily do that customize email templates that suit your business and customers.

Bulk Product Upload

Have some products to upload? Upload all your products with few clicks and your store is ready to sell those products in minutes.

Customer Segmentation

Segment your customer based on geography, product interests, product purchases, delivery acceptance rate or even average order values.

Customer accounts

Manager customer details from store backend, easily access and manage customer account details like email ID, mobile, shipping address.

Drop shipping

Extend your offerings without excess inventory, just let your suppliers take care of it. Route orders automatically to your suppliers.

Insightful Dashboard

Get a birds-eye view of what's going on with your online store, from Orders to Deliveries to Traffic. Decision making made easy.

Integrated Google Analytics

Get insights about your store's performance with integrated Google Analytics, get to know your visitors, traffic sources, referrals

Shopping Cart

Give your website visitor an unmatched shopping and checkout experience.

Secure Shopping with SSL and Business Domain

Your store and all transactions are protected with a 256-bit SSL certificate. All your information is well protected from internet threats.

Most Popular Payment Gateways

Accept payments with most popular and widely used payment gateways; we have partnered with some payment gateway companies to make your onboarding a breeze.

Modren E-commmerce Features

Modern E-commerece features, for easiness of custmer like wishlist, product compare, social share.

Multiple Languages

Why to restrict your store to just one language, offer your store in a style that suits your target customers.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Increase your sales by encouraging users to complete the purchase with an email to their cart.

Automatic Shipping Carrier Rate

Automatically get rates from shipping carriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, Aramex based on location and urgency of delivery.

Gift Wrap Option at Checkout

Let your customers send gifts to their loved on a special occasion, delight them with the option to gift wrap their order at checkout.

Custom Delivery Date - Time Check Out

Highly detailed, handcrafted designs, suitable for every type of business, create unbeatable shopping experience in just a few clicks.


Don’t let anything limit you from growing your store and your user base.

Flexible Navigation Menus

Show more than just pages and product categories, give them flexible navigation quickly to their desired pages.

File Storage

Store your product images and files on dedicated data storage and access it on the go.


Keep your customers informed, write blogs that help spread information about your services and products.

Support Forum

Create a support forum to address and discuss things around your product and services using the support forum.


Provide a centralized knowledge base to your customer addressing common questions and concerns.

Social Sign Up

Let your customers sign up using their favourite social network ID, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Included.

Custom Fonts

Use fonts which are in-line with your branding needs, give your customer a consistent user experience.


A well-designed store attracts more visitors turn into more sales.

Minimalist & Responsive design

Always versatile and classic looking designs that look stunning even without substantial effects and design elements.

Flexible Colours

Highly detailed, handcrafted designs, suitable for every type of business, create unbeatable shopping experience in just a few clicks.

Flexible Header & Footer Colours

Change header and footer content, insert your desired contents at a place where it’s the best to fit.

Customizable Banners

Announce discounts, promotions, celebrations with fully customizable banners, no need to wait for someone for doing it for you.

Advanced Theme Editor

Want to edit theme elements? Advance theme editor lets you do it with a breeze.

Personalize Store Layout

Personalize store layout, box or fluid, plain background or patterns.

Add & Edit HTML & CSS code

Modify HTML elements or CSS to suit your needs, customize every aspect of your site.

Customizable Email Notifications

Give email notification your personal touch with customization, from content to email to design, everything.


Present your products in a best possible way to attract more visitors and increase sales.

Multi-Level Product Categories

Create easy to navigate category hierarchy, to make navigation quick and efficient.

Product Features

Add to Wishlist, Multi Image, Image Zoom, Product Reviews, Product Ribbon.

Manage Upsell & Related product

Increase your sales by Upselling and cross-selling related product to customer’s purchase.

Product Variant Selection

With each product set different attributes like colours, sizes and create a unique variant of each product.

Multi Level Product Filter

Filter by Attributes, Filter By Tags, Filter By Features, Filter By Price ...etc

Sort by Price / Arrival / Name

Let your website visitor sort products by price, name, and relevance. On just a click.

Product View Switcher & Limit

Look at products without of ordinary views. Scrutinize more advantageously with list and grid views.

Extra Latest Features

Out of Stock Update, Additional Side Blocks, Temporarily Disable Products, Quick Add to Cart Option, Product Compare, Quick Info


et searching engine get what they are looking for on the page and index your pages for better search results

Built in Auto Google Suggest

Built in auto suggest feature to get a best possible combination of words that to promote your web pages.

Generated sitemap.xml

A complete map of your website is available to search engines with a sitemap.

Social media integration

Share the content of store easily on social media and increase your brand and product influence.

Product Reviews

Give your customers a buying boost with product reviews and increase your store sales.


Generate Robots.txt files for instructing Google Crawlers which pages to index and which to not.

SEO for Products and Categories

Improve your product category ranking by applying standard SEO practices.

Google Analytics & On-page SEO

Use automatically generated meta titles, meta description, images ALT tags and URL.


Serve your website pages to search engines as a well-structured, well-informed pages with built in architecture.


The size of a screen should not be the barrier to visiting your website.

App for Store Management

Manage your store from a mobile app, check order status, deliveries and product stock from the app.

Mobile Friendly Sites

All our designs are mobile friendly to make sure any website that you make, it is always mobile friendly.

Manage Store on the Go

Access your store information from anywhere, PC, phone or tablet..

Access through All Device, anywhere anytime

Backend and Frontend acess from all device, anywhere you go.

Social Media

Be visible everywhere possible is the key to getting noticed, connect with millions of people around the world, in an instant.

Share on Social Media

Share your product details on social media, let people discuss it, answer their queries, win their confidence.

Product Reviews

Let your customer speak about how they feel about your products. Build an ecosystem of trust.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are best ways to win a trust of customers. A must have trust signal.

Blogging - As Easy as ABC

Blog about your product and services, share your knowledge about your products and industry.

Send Personalized Emails & SMS

Communication should not be barred by the channel, reach to your customer with personalized emails and SMS.

Discounts & Coupons

Increase your website’s traffic by offering occasional sale promotions.

Discount Codes

Generate discount codes that give a customer a price off or percentage off.

Discount Coupons

Create discount coupons which can be given as a giveaway as a part of promotions.

Gift cards & Reward Points

Let your customer’s purchase gift card for someone to celebrate an occasion, or bring them back through loyality Program.


Offer number of payment options to visitors and reconcile payments easily with just few clicks.

Higly Secure Payment Gateways

Offer your customers PCI-DSS compliant payment gateways for secure transactions.

Seamless Payment Experience

Enhance customer’s user experience by offering seamless payment experience, everything on one screen.

Accept Cash or Cheque on Delivery

Offer Cash on Delivery option to your customers for their orders.

Zero set-up fees

Our partnerships with payment gateway providers make sure that you do not have to pay any setup fees.

Multiple Payment Options

Offer multiple payment options like payment by credit card, debit card, net banking or cash cards.

Accept National & International Payments

Accept payments not only from locally but internationally, why to restrict yourself with boundaries.

Guest Checkout

Let your customer complete the order without being needed to go through the login process.

Add VAT & Other Taxes

Add taxes to order at a time of checkout to make sure you are in compliance with local rules.

Point Of Sale

A user-friendly, sell on the go, use the anywhere system, give your business new heights by adopting a world class solution.

Available online & offline

Internet connection or no internet connection, your point of sale solution will keep on working in the same way.

Sell on the moves

Use your point of sale terminal anywhere, on your phone, on your table or traditional point of sale machine.

Unify data across all branches

Use centralize data distributed to all branches from the same source; all are on the same page now.

Adapted for retail business

Ezeselling’s PoS solution is specially crafted to keeping retail business in mind.

Promotions & after-sales management

Run promotions and offer a discount on your stores with promotion codes.

Integrated with Accounting and Stock

Need not worry about multiple systems, one for accounting, one for stock, it is all integrated here in Ezeselling.

Daily Sales Report

Get details on your daily sales by an email of daily sales report.

Product Return & Additional Features

Z-report, Order History, Cross/ Up selling, Quick Cashier Change, EAN13 Barcode Support, Custom Barcode Support


Who does not wish to know their customer, in depth, in detail? We make sure you have all possible information about your customer to offer you a personalized experience.

Order History

Know what your customer had purchased in past and what are still in their cart.

Customer Segmentation

Highly detailed, handcrafted designs, suitable for every type of business, create unbeatable shopping experience in just a few clicks.

Multiple Addresses

Let customer create multiple addresses for delivery or invoicing with details like email, phone, and locations.

Delivery History

Keep a quick access to the delivery history of customer orders, to serve the customer better.

Communication History

Keep all communications to the customer in a once central place, readily available to your team.


Order processing is an essential part of your backend operations; efficient order processing means better customer experience.

Easy Order Processing

Confirm and process the orders with just a few clicks and checks.

Auto payment tracking

Track payment status retaining to orders, protect your site against fraud payments and orders.

Order-Based Shipping

Ship products based on orders, all together or one by one.

Shipment Status Notifications

Notify your customers about the shipment status of their order. With SMS, Email or Both.

Order Pricing Policy

Setup order pricing policy with minimum order values which is best suitable for your business needs.

Order Delivery Policy

All order data is fully integrated with accounting, to keep your cash flow healthy and updated.

Integrated with Accounting

Handle return orders with a just click, update customers with returns, replacement, and exchange with just a click.


Efficient inventory management means less pressure on your financial and more profitable order processing.

Scheduler for picking, packing, reception & transfer

Generate automatic picking, packing, reception based on pre-defined dates for operational efficiency.

Double entry inventory management

Track each and every in and out of inventory along with location with built in double entry inventory management.

Real-time reports, dashboards

Get Inventory levels, stock at location details in real time, just with a click.

Integrated with sales and purchases

Deliveries from Sales and Pickings from Purchase, all integrated into the single system.

Trace all past and future inventory transactions

Trace all moves in inventory to track down each transaction taking place in your inventory.


Accounting is a heart of any business, and we need to make sure it is as healthy as possible.

Multi-Company & Multi-Branch

Manage your multiple branches or subsidiary companies from a single system, all data at one place.


Manage payments and receipt in multiple currencies and convert end numbers to your native currency.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile bank accounts balances with quick to do bank reconciliation process.

Automated follow-ups

Follow up customers for pending payment with automated reminders.

Manage bills & expenses

Bill and expense management has never been so easy to do, just a few clicks and it is there in your books of account.

Financial Reports

Profit & Loss, Cash flow statement, General ledger, Balance Sheet, Tax Reports ...etc


Improve your inventory and supply chain performance with effortlessly manageable purchase management.

Automate ordering

Automatically track purchase orders and get an instant update on order status.

Flexible authorization levels

Setup purchase authorization rules to improve inventory performance.

Procure to pay

HiTrace procurement to payment from single order screen, with just one click.

Procure to order

Receive product against your sale orders, in your inventory. Order only when you have sale orders.

Monitor supplier performance

Standardize your purchase process to keep your inventory levels in check.

Effective dashboard

Information is as important as it is presented, a useful dashboard helps you in better decision making.

Inventory forecasts

Create inventory forecasts based on current sales order, delivery orders and purchase orders.


Delight your customers with on time deliveries and increase your sales.

Cash or Credit Card on Delivery Options

Provide options to pay by Cash on Delivery or Credit Card on delivery, to best fit their need.

Weight Based Shipping Rates

Calculate shipping rates based on the weight of products in order, location and time.

Shipping Regions

Restrict product shipping to regions that are best fit for your business.

Integrated with Major Shipping Providers

Create a manifest file, shipment labels, all from one location, for multiple shipping providers.


A strategic e-commerce marketing plan is a key to success for a website.

Awesome Marketing Campaigns

Create successful mail campaigns that are appealing and converts into a sale.

Segment Customers

Segment customers based on their last purchases, product categories or locations.

Fully Responsive Campaign Designs

Fully responsive mobile friendly campaigns that are a delight to read on anywhere, mobile, tablet or PC.

Accurate and Real-time Statistics

Get instant updates on a marketing campaign in real time, help you to decide next steps.

Link Tracking & UTM

Track links that you share on any platform with built-in link tracker. Track clicks, shares and open rates.


A customer centric customer relationship management tool to manage customer relation in a highly professional way.

Intuitive Dashboar

Bird view dashboard to monitor all activities related to customer relationships.

Multi-channel CRM

Get customer feedbacks and update from any channel, email, phone or website. All at one place.

Ticket management

Create and manage ticket, assign it to responsible teams or individuals.

Alerts / Escalation

Escalate tickets and alert management for issues pending to resolve.

Automated routing

Route tickets to the right channel, team or person with automated routing rules.

Email integration

Integrated emailing to keep everyone on the same page regarding customer communication.

Self-service portal

Let your customer create service requests from their account.


Feedback about your website and it services is an essential aspect of planning your growth.

Edit inline

Surveys that are easy to edit and send via emails.

Unlimited survey and forms

Create surveys and forms for your customer to fill up, an instant feedback system.

Drag & drop editor

Drag and Drop design blocks to create stunning and eye-catching surveys.

Integrated with Sales

Send surveys after completing your sales process to get clear feedback regarding customer experience.


Delight your customers with on time deliveries and increase your sales.

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We have taken care utmost care of providing a hosting infrastructure which is world class and being trusted by millions of businesses for their day to day need.

Super-Fast Website

Our SSD-based infrastructure makes sure that your online store is always blazing fast.

Unlimited bandwidth

No bandwidth limits, the more visitors on your site, more happiness for us.

Daily Automatic Backups

Our automated systems take daily backups for your system so that you do not have to worry about it.

SSL certificate

Each of our instances come with SSL certificate, we take security seriously, very seriously.

99.95% uptime and 24/7 monitoring

Our monitoring system is running around the clock ensure your online store remains uninterrupted.


We know it is not always that you will be able to things on your own, we are here to help you out.

Dedicated support team

Have questions? We are here to listen to you. We will love to help you with a phone call, chat or email.

Help Forums

Has something in mind that you want to know or discuss with someone? Our support forums are that purpose.

Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials library is built to serve only one purpose. “Self-Learning.”